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Stonewall Jackson monument plinth
Stonewall Jackson Monument, Richmond - Through My Grandparents' Eyes

Post about removal of the former Confederate General Stonewall Jackson Monument in Richmond, Virginia, from my perspective as a Black woman in America.

Algonquin Hotel
Last Year Wasn't Such a Bad Year After All for Writing

Reflections on a list of my writing accomplishments in one year.

The Seven Year Itch title card image
The Seven Year Itch - The Billy Wilder Blogathon

Feature about the Marilyn Monroe classic film as a part of a blogathon celebrating its director, Billy Wilder.

Bellevue Elementary School, Richmond Virginia
Bellevue Elementary School, Richmond, Virginia

Feature on historic elementary school in Richmond, Virginia, across the street from St. John's Church where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech.

Hemingway in Love book cover
Hemingway In Love: His Own Story by A.E. Hotchner

Post featuring biography of Ernest Hemingway with my own thoughts on its connection to Hemingway's memoir.